Aliv a perfect hepatoprotective agent

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Aliv is the latest offering from ayurveda. Aliv is a renamed herbal formula for one of the best ayurvedic combination that has the capacity to cure any form of liver related problem. This herbal formula is not known to many as it got lost with time. But doctors at ayurvedic herbal cure after so much devotion and hard work revived the age old formula and named it ALIV. 

As the name also suggests, this herbal formulation Aliv helps in reviving livers lost functions and facilitates normal function. It helps in eliminating all the toxins that liver had absorbed with time. There by Aliv helps in detoxification of the liver. Aliv is also very beneficial in evading hepatitis problem as well damage done by alcohol. It is helpful in reviving the liver function for fat metabolism thereby helps in preventing weight gain and other associated problems

Benefits of Aliv Liver capsules

    1. Revives liver functions
    2. Prevents all form of hepatitis
    3. Corrects digestion
    4. Prevents jaundice
    5. Detoxifies liver
    6. Helps in normalizing the bile juice secretion
    7. Treats fatty liver problem
    8. Helps in curing enlarged liver


    1. Hepatitis A
    2. Hepatitis B
    3. Hepatitis C
    4. Jaundice
    5. Liver cirrhosis
    6. Indigestion
    7. Fatty liver
    8. Low appetite
    9. Obesity or weight gain
    10. Constipation
    11. Liver cancer
    12. Alcoholic liver disease
    13. Protein energy malnutrition
    14. Radiation and chemical induced liver damage.


1 capsule twice daily with water 


    1. Amalaki
    2. Haritaki
    3. Baheda
    4. Kalmegh
    5. Kutki
    6. Kasni
    7. Bhumi amalaki
    8. Vayavidang
    9. Punarnava mandoor

Recent Question

Semen Leakage In Urine

Hi, I am Jack. Since many years I am facing a problem of leaking of semen when I piss, Also I have a problem of night fall. I am of doubt that my indigestion is responsible for this problem. I have use so many herbal supplements that claims to treat this problem but all in vain. Somebody recommended me to you. Can you help me? I am 42 years old, I work as a carpenter in Nevada, United states.

Hello Jack,

You are absolutely right. The problem of semen discharge is basically an indigestion problem. Taking those expensive supplements that claim big to cure night fall, erectile dysfunction etc are just making you fool. I am recommending you just the basic herbal supplement and you will see remarkable changes in you in just few days.

I recommend you to take liver care capsules or tablets daily at least for 6 months. ALIV tablets are one of the best tablets for liver care.

Secondly I would recommend you to take Nature care Trikatu capsules. These capsules will help you in improving the digestion. Again it is to be taken for 3 months for better results.